Tips for Maintaining Colored Hair

Color treated hair always needs a bit of extra maintenance and attention. So before you make the decision to color your hair, you need to read up on how to maintain it along with products that are recommended to use with the hair. This can be an added cost but if you feel happy seeing your hair in a beautiful color, that is all there is to it.

There are different brands and types of hair color such as Schwarzkopf hair color but no matter what color you use, you need to wait 3 days before you wash and shampoo the hair. Your cuticle layer is opened when coloring hair so that color penetrates deeply into the hair shaft giving your hair a vibrant appearance. But when you wash your hair immediately after the treatment or too soon, the color can get washed out as the cuticle layer is still open. You need to wait about 3 days for this layer to close completely and this will help you get the most out of your colored hair. And when there is more time for the color to soak into the cuticle, you will be able to have more long lasting hair color.

You need to be careful about the hair products you use when you have colored hair. There are certain ingredients you need to avoid so that your hair color doesn’t fade prematurely. And one of these ingredients to avoid is sodium laureth sulphate. This shampoo will give a foaming effect and it can strip your hair of moisture and oils along with your color. So if you want to protect your investment that went into coloring the hair, you need to choose sulphate-free shampoo that provides a more moisturizing effect. Conditioner is also good for hair when keeping it moisturised. But with color treated hair, a good tip is to add some due to your conditioner when you wash your hair. There are colors depositing conditioners that can maintain the vibrancy of your hair color for a long time.

Many of us love to wash and bathe in hot water. But this is not a habit that is good for your skin or your hair. Your cuticle opens when you are washing your hair with hot water and this can cause the color to wash out. So set your water temperature to warm in order to retain the color for long. And even frequent hair washing can cause your color to fade quickly. In addition to removing the natural oils in your hair, you are washing your hair dye off as well little by little. So stick to about two or three washes a week to keep the color fresh.

This may not work if you are used to working out and having oily or greasy hair as a result. So you will need to wash the hair anyway. But to dampen the effect of shampoo on your hair, try mixing it with some conditioner so it is less stripping.