How to Care for and Extend the Life of Your Pointe Shoes

If you are a ballet dancer, pointe shoes are an important tool that can provide support and stability when you are dancing on the tips of your toes. But you have to care for the shoes so that you can obtain optimal performance from them.

It is quite normal

For seasoned dancers to rotate between multiple pairs of pointe shoes as this can help prolong their lifespan. Each pointe shoe can dry out between wears this way. When you dance in point shoes, you will sweat and this can weaken the materials and the glue in the shoe which can lead to premature wear and tear. You can see ballet pointe shoes that are the right fit for you by visiting a professional fitter and there are many online stores where you can purchase them. You can alternate between two or more pairs of               pointe shoes so that there is time for each pair to recover between the sessions. This way, their durability can be extended. You need to know how to properly store the pointe shoes so that their shape and integrity can be preserved. You need to remove the shoes from your dance bag after each use and have them placed in a well-ventilated area.

You should not keep them in a confined space.

Also, avoid direct sunlight when choosing a storage space for them as extreme temperatures will cause the materials to warp. The same will happen when the shoe is exposed to extreme humidity. You can use a breathable mesh bag for storage or shoe pouch so that they can be protected from debris and dust. You will need to sew the ribbons and elastic securely to the pointe shoe before you wear them. This way, they will stay in place during your practice sessions and performances. You can use strong and durable thread for this. You can double stitch the ribbons and elastic to the shoe fabric so that security can be improved. You need to check the stitching regularly and reinforce any loose or frayed threads so that the elastic or ribbons will not come loose when you dance.

Many dancers use toe tape and toe pads for some additional cushioning.

You can look for high quality toe pads that will absorb shock and reduce pressure on your toes. You can apply the toe tape around the bunion and toe areas so that rubbing inside the shoes is prevented. However, make sure that the tie tape and toe pads are replaced regularly so that hygiene can be maintained. The shoes should be dried before each use. You need to remove the toe pads and dry them before you put the shoes into storage. You can stuff them with tissue paper or newspaper so that excess moisture can be absorbed. This will help the shoe retain their shape. You should avoid drying the shoes close to direct heat sources. This is because the heat can cause the materials to warp and the glue to soften.