Wireless vs. Wired Rear View Camera Kits

Many modern vehicles have rear view camera kits so that the drivers can rely on them for safe reversing and parking. You can find wireless and wired systems and in this article, we will look into how you can choose the right system for your vehicle.

When it comes to wireless rear view camera systems, these can be installed easier compared to the wired systems. The system will have a camera that is mounted at the rear of the vehicle along with a display unit on the dashboard. Sometimes this can be integrated into the rear-view mirror. The main benefit of wireless rear view camera kits is that you don’t need to run long cables through the vehicle which is quite difficult in large vehicles or vehicles that have complicated interiors. And this simplicity in installation will make it a good option for DIY enthusiasts as well so that they can save some money on professional installation. The wired kits have a more complicated installation process. Cables are used in these systems to connect the camera to the display unit. This will provide an uninterrupted video signal. You will need to route these cables through the interior of the vehicle which can take a lot of time.

Wired systems will need professional installation

As you may end up damaging the wiring of the vehicle if you attempt this without a lot of experience. But you will gain superior reliability with wired systems. The main consideration when choosing a wireless system is potential interference. The wireless signals can be disrupted as a result of certain sources like buildings, other wireless devices and sometimes the electronic system of the vehicle. This can lead to the video system lagging or becoming choppy which can bring down the safety of parking or reversing. But these irregularities have largely been eliminated due to advancements in wireless technology which has led to improve of image quality and signal reliability.

You can find many high end wireless kits that offer stable video performance

Wired systems are known for their reliability when it comes to stability of the signal and image quality. This is due to the direct connection between the display unit and the camera. You will be able to obtain consistent and clear video without any interference as a result of this. You can use wired systems in commercial or professional vehicles where you need superior reliability. The image quality tends to be higher with better resolution which is critical in low light conditions of complex driving situations. You have to consider the costs of these camera kits as well. The wireless kits tend to be more affordable as they are easier to install. And this means you can actually set up the system on your own without having to pay for professional installation. But the initial purchase price can still be significant if you are looking for advanced features like high definition video night vision or wide angle lenses. There is a higher upfront cost for wired systems due to the equipment and installation.