What You Should Look for In a Good Strata Management Team?

You might think that your strata corporation has different demands and that you will not find any management team to respond to those needs. Fortunately, every strata management company has different approaches and techniques, and you would not need to worry too much that you will not find a good strata management team to hire.

And a deal strata management team will be able to provide you with top-notch service while also simultaneously racing the value of your property is stretching your budget and enhancing the quality life of the residents.

If the management team that you chose is not fitting to your requirements, they might not be able to serve the community to the standard that you have set, and they might not have the network of proper suppliers who can provide you the most value for your money.

Continue reading below to find out the qualities that you should look for when hiring a strata management team.

Full-scale personnel with varied specializations

A good strata management or a body corporate management team will have full-scale personnel with different fields of expertise to offer support to the strata manager. Strata manager should receive help from an experienced and efficient team of professionals in many disciplines such as technology maintenance accounting human resources and other fields as deemed necessary in order to provide the best service for your property.

For a start the manager to concentrate more on the day-to-day running of the company and less on the administrative duties, they should have a team helping them in all of their tasks.

Tried and tested operational procedures

Top strata management firms have tried and tested operational procedures that are flexible for improvement, depending on the properties that they are handling. The management team that you will hire must follow standardized procedures that are applicable to the neighbourhood or structure that they service.

Aside from having SOPs to improve the value of the property and the resident’s quality of life, these operating procedures must also include regular audits of contracts and the suppliers, preventive maintenance plans, and a transparent system of financial reporting.


One of the top complaints when it comes to strata management is poor communication and non-receptiveness of any of the strata management team members. Find a strata management team that has a call centre open 24/7 and employs the technology that is needed to answer inquiries whatever the time of the day is. When you are looking for a management firm to look over your property, ask them how they will be able to handle communication during emergencies.


The best strata management team will be detail oriented since they are aware that the difference between providing mediocre and exceptional service is possible by paying close attention to little details. Competent strata management will make residents feel a sense of community by taking the time to familiarize themselves with the neighbourhood, culture, and local regulations.

Do not decide hastily when it comes to selecting a strata management team to work with and help Management your community. Be extensive and thorough when asking questions during interviews.