Things To Do Before Bringing Home Your New Dog

A dog is a great addition to a family. However, bringing a dog into your home entails planning. The good news is, it is what most people do, especially these days. If you want to have your own dog, know that it is indispensable to keep your dog’s health and happiness a priority. There is a lot to prepare first before bringing home your new dog. To help you get rolling, here is the list of the things to do before bringing home your new dog.

Stock up on Dog Supplies

Before bringing home your new dog, make sure to stock up on dog supplies which include high-quality adult or puppy food, bedding, collar and leash, grooming tools, safe chewing toys, and many other things.

Allocate Responsibilities

It is essential to talk to other family members about who is going to be responsible for the new dog. Who is going to feed it? Who will take it for a walk? Who will bring it to its annual veterinary appointment? And so on. Everything has to be clear to avoid any dispute in the household.

Install a Dog Fence

Like humans, dogs need to step outside to enjoy a healthy dose of sunshine and fresh air. They have to exercise and socialize, too. If they do not, it can take a toll on their health and well-being. Therefore, install a dog fence so they can spend some time outdoors. You can DIY or have it professionally installed. If you choose the former, you can find a range of electric fence kits for dogs online that come in affordable prices. Such a thing can give you peace of mind, for sure.

Get a Veterinary Doctor

Annual veterinary check-ups are important to screen your dog for potential health issues and to keep it in top-top shape. Find a veterinary doctor that is close to your home so you can visit at any time you need to. It is better if it is a 24-hour veterinary clinic or hospital and make sure to have a copy of that number of your smart phone.

Create House Rules

To have a level-headed dog, you have to create house rules for it. Set limits from the get-go. The word you send to your dog the moment it sets foot in your home is vital as it builds the house rules right away. If there are no house rules, your dog will break things every now and then.

Dog-proof your House

Hide all the electrical wires away. On top of that, do not forget to keep all the toxic products away. Set up safety locks in the kitchen as well.

Show Where the Potty Area is

Show your dog where the potty area is. If you have a garden or yard, allow your dog to sniff around so it will be relaxed going out there even when you are not at home.

Make it legal. Apply for a dog license as your community has its rules that you have to follow.

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