How to Create the Best Hens Night with Topless Waiter Entertainment

Entertainment is the main aspect when it comes to a hens night and if you have booked a topless waiter for the night, you need to know how to get the best out of it. There are many guidelines to booking a topless waiter and you have to keep the bride in the centre of it all as the goal is to give her a great night filled with fun and memories.

If you have visited a strip club before and you have found the experience wonderful, you can book here for your next event. You can also research beforehand and create a series of entertainment so that the bridal party visits a strip club on the first day and the second day is an intimate party for only the group where they choose a stripper at the club as a topless waiter. This can add a bit of excitement for your first night as well because everyone is trying to guess which one to select for the topless waiter and it will give them something to look forward to as well. If there is somebody at the strip club that the bride is attracted to, you can have them attend the hens night. If you are only having one night for the whole thing, you need to do some thorough research with the rest of the planners. Check for online websites that provide topless waiters and strippers so that you can go over the selection of entertainment they have. You will be able to choose according to the preferences of the group and the bride.

These websites provide photos of the topless waiters so it will help you narrow down the selection. You can narrow it down to about 3 people and check who is available for the evening of the hens party. You can also contact the company about the order of their listing as some websites tend to list guys according to positive reviews. You should have a good idea about the duration of the hens night. The minimum duration will be two hours but you can extend this to however long you like provided that you give prior notification.

You can check whether the waiter strips as well or otherwise you can book a stripper and topless waiter both. In the latter case, you can have them come in at different times so that the waiter can come and provide the refreshments first building up anticipation for the strip show. You can also have them at the same time depending on your preferences. By making sure that the right number of waiters are booked, you will be able to eliminate long waits for drink refills and refreshments. Also, the waiters will be able to share some banter and pay special attention to everyone so that nobody feels left out. If you have any special requests for the waiter, make sure that you let them be known beforehand. You can meet them when they arrive at the location so you can brief the waiter before he meets the rest of the bridal party. Make sure that all equipment, ingredients and recipes are provided for the mixing of cocktails.

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