How Do You Choose the Best Data Recovery Team?

If you’ve lost important data on your computer, don’t fret. Data recovery companies have you covered. To help you find the best, we talked about all the points you should consider. Keep reading.


Once the company has recovered the data from your smartphone or computer, make note of how long it would last in their systems for. You should also find out how secure the information would be in their system, as well as how it would be discarded.

On the team’s site, you should see an extensive list of their retention policies. It should be easy to read, as you’d know exactly what happens to your information.

You might have to check reviews. You may learn that depending on the client, the team deals with data retention and security differently.

Industry Certifications

To be able to recover data, a lot of training has to have been received. Make note of the industry certifications the team has. The more present, the more qualified of individuals you’ll be working with.

A company that has a lot of certifications and licenses would also mean that they can be trusted.


Depending on the company you’re hiring, they may specialize in a specific type of recovery. They’d be able to recover your data the best.

Look for a company that has experience handling computer data recovery. If you’re in need of getting data back on your Android, you need to work with a service that has qualified professionals.

ISO 5 Room

How will the physical device that the team would be handling be treated? The disk and tapes you provide should be treated in an ISO 5 certified space. Such a rating means that there are less than 10,200 particles in the room. A regular room would have around 130,000 particles.

As there are so little particles, the chances of the disk being damaged would be lower.


No one wants to spend a lot. Depending on the people you’re working with, the rates you’d be hit with would differ. How hard the data would be to recover would affect the price you’d have to pay. Usually, teams that are very skilled charge the most – the quality they provide is the best after all.


Not only should the company be transparent about data retention, but they should fill you in on what’s happening every step of the way. The information that’s being recovered may be very sensitive so this is only right.

Speaking of being informed every step of the way, the team should also offer great customer service – you’re probably spending a lot, so this would be needed.

Final Thoughts

There probably are thousands of companies offering data recovery services near you. To help you find the best, find out whether the team you’re interested in would be able to get the job done or not. Also, find more information on the company’s data retention policies – the information they are recovering shouldn’t be stored.

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