Common Cleaning Products that Ruin Leather Products

Do you have a problem with your leather but you are not sure how to remedy it? Finding that various people will give you different pieces of advice at every turn? The following is a selection of so-called “leather remedies” that are unlikely to be of any use to you at all. There is a great deal of wrong information floating around out there. If you keep the following advice in mind, you won’t make a small problem into a significant one!

Alcohol and acetone are the two compounds that are most widely used, but they are the ones that can cause the most serious damage to your leather. Even if you got your furniture from premium furniture stores Brisbane, no matter what you read about it online. Common “cures” that are harmful to leather include:

  1. Fingernail Polish Remover- If you want to remove a stain or blemish from your leather, you should not try to use nail polish remover. Acetone, which is included in fingernail polish, strips the leather of its colour, leaving behind a huge, bleached-looking patch in the region surrounding the location where the polish was applied.
  2. Window cleaners- Many people consider window cleaners to be “harmless” Even though these cleansers are often quite gentle, they still include alcohol, which is harmful to the topcoat that is applied on leather furniture.
  3. Markers – If you have a problem with your leather and you try to hide it by colouring over it with a marker of the same colour, you will most likely make the problem worse and it will be even more obvious. It is quite difficult to locate a marker pen that will provide a good match for the leather dye you have, and also the ink itself might be harmful to the leather
  4. Shoe Polish – Keep in mind that the leather that your shoes are made of was dyed completely differently from the leather used for your furniture. This is important to keep in mind while applying polish to your shoes. The construction of furniture leather is different from that of shoe leather, thus it will not take or absorb shoe polish in the same manner that shoe leather does. Shoe polish will not only leave a smudgy mess on your furniture, but it will also transfer to the jeans of everyone who sits in that area.
  1. Hair Spray: using hair spray to remove impurities and blemishes from leather is the most effective method to ruin your sofa. This is unquestionably a terrible plan. The use of hair spray is fraught with a number of significant challenges. To begin, the majority of hair sprays are made of alcohol, which is harmful to leather. Second, using hair spray to remove stains is not very successful, and the sticky residue it leaves behind attracts additional dirt and dust, which can, in many instances, lead to additional issues and discolouration. Ultimately, the best way to clean leather products is to use a specifically created leather cleaning kit.