Effective Commercial Cleaning Methods

There are many commercial cleaning methods that are used by different cleaning companies. They will all operate differently so the service you get is slightly different each time. You need to consider the methods used by the cleaning company to decide whether they fit your requirements. Attention to detail is a good quality of any cleaning company and this will ensure that all surfaces of the office are attended to.

There are companies that follow green cleaning practices and this is something that you need to be aware of especially if your company has sustainable concepts in your marketing strategy. So you need to understand the environmental impact of commercial cleaning as well. These companies will prioritize the use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are made sustainably. You need to inquire about the procedures they use as well. The office cleaning South Perth company will have their standards and protocols as well. Make sure that they work according to national standards regulated by authorities.

The tools that the cleaning company uses are also important. There are many cleaning procedures and equipment so the quality of the final result will hinge on these factors as well. You need to make sure that the cleaning company uses upgraded equipment that are up to date. While this equipment will be expensive and the services will reflect the price as well, you will be getting a high quality of service overall. Disinfection procedures have become critical in this time of the pandemic. This will ensure the hygiene and most importantly, the safety of the employees. Make sure that you ask about what procedures they carry out to disinfect and sanitise the space and how frequently these processes need to be done. The sanitation protocols will put your employees’ minds at ease as well because they have an assurance that the spread of infection has been controlled.

There are deep cleaning routines that need to be carried out every month to ensure that all surfaces are given sufficient attention. Flooring in particular needs to go through this deep clean as it will harbour the most dirt and germs. If left without cleaning, this can actually pollute the indoor air and cause allergies and respiratory conditions. This deep cleaning will be coupled with sanitation as well. This is why it is so important to have professionals handling the cleaning processes so that each and every aspect is covered. Air duct cleaning should also be done when it comes to ensuring good air quality. This can be something that is carried out periodically. Upholstery and office furniture need to be cleaned as well. These are places that can accumulate a lot of dust and allergens so when it comes to companies with a larger employee size, this is an essential cleaning aspect.

It is best to keep a cleaning checklist so that all areas of the office are covered. There can be a list of procedures that will be taken care of daily, weekly and monthly. Daily cleaning will include mopping of hard floors, disinfection of surfaces, vacuuming of floors, emptying of the garbage bins, wiping all surfaces with disinfecting solution, sanitation of toilets etc. Polishing of hardwood floors can take place weekly as well as deep cleaning windows, dusting of surfaces and cleaning refrigerators. Cleaning of upholstery, office furniture, air vents and higher surfaces can take place monthly.

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