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Zero tolerance to inappropriate behaviour this holiday season

Monday, 12 December 2016

Zero tolerance to inappropriate behaviour this holiday season
There will be no holiday exceptions for travellers acting inappropriately at Australian airports this holiday season.

Australian law enforcement responds to an increasing number of incidents involving drunk or unruly passengers who think the ‘silly season’ is an excuse to behave badly. 

This holiday season, the Australian Federal Police will be taking a hard-stance against travellers found behaving violently, or offensively towards staff or fellow passengers. 
The message is clear: the law doesn’t stop just because you’re on holiday. 

Over the past year, the AFP has charged hundreds of passengers for unruly and illegal behaviour, which is not acceptable in any setting and will not be tolerated in our airports.

In 2015-16, the AFP charged 76 people for drunken or offensive behaviour at airports across Australia, with the offenders facing a potential maximum fine of $9,000.

In that time, the AFP seized more than 2,355 weapons and charged 175 people with carrying a weapon or prohibited item, which attracts a fine up to $18,000 and $3,600 respectively. 

The AFP also charged 10 people with making threatening or false statements including claims of carrying explosives, which if made aboard a plan attracts 10 years’ imprisonment. 

When travellers are passing through an airport or on a plane, they are bound by Australian law and the AFP will take action against anyone who breaches the law. 

Travellers should remember too, that the police and airlines are well within their rights to impose their own charges, bans or recover costs associated with any flight diversions. 
I encourage all Australians to stay safe this holiday season and ensure the safety of their fellow travellers by abiding by our laws. 

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