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Digital Youth Forum to counter hate speech and promote diversity online

Friday, 21 October 2016

Digital Youth Forum to counter hate speech and promote diversity online

Today, I am proud to officially open the digital youth forum ‘engage: our diverse digital future’.

Supported by the Australian Government and led by the Digital Industry Group Incorporated (DIGI), the forum brings together 150 people from around Australia and from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds to promote tolerance, diversity and positive engagement online.

The Australian Government is committed to protecting Australians from bigotry and harm and this includes sheltering our young people from exposure to digital corruption such as child exploitation, cyber bullying and recruitment by violent extremist groups.

We must challenge the conversations that encourage harm and target the vulnerable. We can do that by sharing stories that promote identity, belonging and diversity – because in Australia we have a very good story to share.

We work closely with our digital industry partner DIGI - Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Yahoo - on a range of initiatives that explore and adopt new methods to challenge and undermine material that promotes hate, dissention or violence.

Today’s event is an initiative of COAG’s countering violent extremism efforts announced last December, and is an opportunity for DIGI and this select group of talented digital natives and thought leaders, to share their experiences and knowledge on what it means to be a good digital citizen.

The event will empower our youth as future leaders to use digital platforms to tell their stories and engage in conversations on a broad range of issues that directly affect them and their families.

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